Casement Windows for Clitheroe Homes

Casement windows are Clitheroe’s most popular style of double glazing. Defined as a window frame that opens outwards, these modern, versatile systems come with more configuration options than any other style. As a result, they can be tailored to suit a wider variety of functions and styles, while also having customisation options for every style of home here in Lancashire.

In addition to choosing from between two and eight panels, our casement windows also come in single, fixed frame options. They are designed with a slimline profile and are fitted with the very best in window technology. Our casement windows are all made bespoke to order too, meaning they come with a range of colour and hardware customisation options that you can choose from.

You can rely on Ultraframe Home Improvements for your casement window installations. As a business with decades of industry experience, you can trust us to fit high quality products in a thoroughly professional manner. We take pride in only working with industry leading supply chains, and for that reason chose Spectus for our uPVC casement windows.

Features & Benefits

Thermally Efficient


Our Spectus casement windows are designed with a multi chambered profile that partners modern double or triple glazing. As a result, they retain the maximum amount of natural warmth during winter.

Security Assured


Robust, multipoint locking systems allow our casement windows to adhere to Secured by Design standards; a police backed scheme. You have complete peace of mind regarding home security.

Low Maintenance


By using a uPVC profile, our casement windows require very little upkeep after the installation has been completed. They only ever need a light wipe down to prevent the build up of dust.



Our casement windows are completely weatherproof. Modern weather gaskets and seals prevent water ingress, thus protecting your home against nasty problems including damp and leaking.

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Casement Windows Prices Clitheroe

Use our online quoting engine, and you can get estimated prices for any of our home improvement products. Among these is our casement windows, which you can customise and configure to your tastes. Doing this will help you get an accurate price for your renovations.

Alternatively, we are still happy to provide quotes for our casement windows over the phone. Leave your contact details and some specifications about your windows on our online form, and we’ll get back to you as soon we can. You’re also welcome to call us directly on 01200 414700.

How much do uPVC casement windows cost?

Casement windows are considered one of the more cost effective profile options, but their price can still vary significantly. With such a broad array of configurations, accessories and upgrades, an average cost is hard to pin down. Use our online quoting engine today to get an accurate idea. You’ll be able to choose your exact specifications and dimensions, meaning the price will be tailored to you.

Can casement windows be triple glazed?

Yes, they can. The Spectus systems we use are available with a thicker triple glazed upgrade. With this, you can enhance the performance of our casement even further. They’ll retain significantly more heat during the colder months, potentially saving you money on your energy bills. However, our triple glazing upgrade also comes with an increase in weight. We’ll need to ensure that your home is structurally robust enough to handle this.

Are casement windows flush fitting?

As standard, casement windows come with either a chamfered or a sculpted frame. However, we do offer flush sash windows as an entirely separate product. They are a fantastic alternative if you’re looking to authentically replicate timber profiles.

What Window Energy Rating do they achieve?

Our casement windows can achieve a WER of up to A+. This is among the best any uPVC window on the market can achieve. Your home will feel noticeably warmer when you have these systems fitted.

Finance Offers

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Affordable Finance

Our casement windows are available to you on a range of different finance options. Accessible to all, you can get your home improvements on credit when you choose Ultraframe Home Improvements.


Buy Now Pay Later

Choose our services, and you can get your windows fitted now with no upfront cost. We offer a buy now, pay later finance option on our casement windows, where you can pay for your windows down the line.


Interest Free Credit

No one likes finance deals that have heaps of interest. Apply for finance with Ultraframe Home Improvements, and you could qaulify for interest free credit if you pay within a certain timeframe.

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