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Tiled conservatory roofs are perfect for creating a full home extension. Whilst heavy tiles can be installed, we use synthetic slate in our solid roof extensions.

What is the Ultraroof 380?

The Ultraroof is an alternative to a fully tiled conservatory roof. It uses synthetic slates as opposed to heavy roof tiles. The Ultraroof can be installed on lean-to’s as well as full extensions. It’s compatible with Victorian, Edwardian and gable conservatories. Internally the Ultraroof uses a combination of plaster work and glass panels. The glass panels can be added where you want to capture light in your home.

Ultraroof preston

The Ultraroof 380 uses U-tiles, or synthetic slates, to create an extension which you can use all year round. We’re able to match your conservatory roof with your homes roof tiles. This is done to ensure your Ultraroof conservatory feels like a full home extension.

What are U-Tiles?

tiled conservatory roof by ultraframe

The UltraTile recreates your homes existing roof on your new extension. They are not tiles for conservatory roofs and are made from polymer. The UltraTile is designed to be cheaper to install than a tiled conservatory roof. It’s also made to outperform other types of synthetic slates.

Benefits of Synthetic Slates

  • Warping & Surface Damage Resistance
  • Discolouration Resistance
  • Fire Resistance to ASTM standards
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lightweight Design
  • Easy Installation

Thermally Efficient Tiled Conservatory Roof

tiled conservatory roof bolton

The Ultraroof 380 uses Kingspan insulation to create an all year round extension. Thermal efficiency is important for any home extension. It is the main reason people convert their existing conservatory to solid conservatory roof. The U-Value of the Ultraroof can be as low as 0.13. This means that much of the heat generated within your extension, stays in your extension. We also minimise the amount of heat lost through your conservatory skylights by installing A+ double glazing.

Solid Conservatory Roof Strength

tiled conservatory roof clitheroe

The Ultraroof doesn’t require tie bars like other conservatory roofs. Its strength comes from the 380mm wide box beam built into its design. This means that your Ultraroof is much lighter than other tiled conservatory roofs without loosing any of its structural integrity.

Alternative Solid Conservatory Roofs

tiled conservatory roof alternative

If tiled conservatory roofs aren’t for you, we also install Ultraframes Livinroof. The Livinroof is perfect for any home extension which wants to keep some of the conservatory design. Internally, it’s pretty much identical to the Ultraroof 380. This means that your conservatory will feel like a full extension.