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Flexible Solid & Glazed Conservatory Roofs

The Livinroof™ is the first roofing system to give you the flexibility to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly.

What is a Livinroof?

Ultraframe’s Livinroof is a solid conservatory roof. A Livinroof works with both new builds and existing conservatory renovations. Its flexible conservatory design means that you can use uPVC or aluminium frames. Extend your home design with a new Livinroof and create a bright open space.

The Livinroof is manufactured in Clitheroe, Lancashire by Ultraframe. If you’re located in the Lancashire area, you have direct access to Ultraframe Installation. The Livinroof uses beautiful plaster work to achieve a full extension feeling.

Efficient Solid Conservatory Roof

The Livinroof is a well insulated solid conservatory roof. This is thanks to heavy duty Kingspan insulation. The Livinroof has an expected U-Value of 0.16, this makes the extension much cheaper to heat. The double glazing panels are A+ rated and come with a sealant for heat retention.

Solid Conservatory Roof Skylights

Skylights are available for the Livinroof extension. You can choose where to let the light flood in. The glass itself is available in four different tints to create your dream extension. Smartglass can also be used for further energy efficiency.

Customise Your Livinroof Extension

A Livinroof in itself is a luxurious option for a solid conservatory roof extension. However, its versatility and design allow for customization components to be installed. Of course these additions are optional, however they tend to be popular on most Livinroof installations.

Benefits of Installing a Solid Conservatory Roof

  • Quality Double Glazing – You can add double glazed panels for better views.
  • Customization – Compatible with lean-to’s and full conservatories.
  • Efficient –  Thermally broken rafters and insulated lighting pelmet.
  • Tested & Secure – Super strong eaves beam, ridge, valley and jack rafter.
  • Lightweight – Weighs only 36KG/m2, making it the lightest solid conservatory roof.

Ultraframe Solid Roof Alternative

The Livinroof is perfect for a solid roof extension that looks like a conservatory from the outside. However. it’s not your only option for a solid conservatory roof. Ultraframes Livinroof is a solid extension that uses synthetic slates. This gives the Ultraroof its full extension design. The Ultraroof allows for light to pass through with stylish roof skylights.

The tile sheets are prefabricated in our Clitheroe factory. They can be made to match your homes roof colour. For installations the Ultraroof tiled conservatory can be made watertight in six hours. A solid conservatory roof doesn’t need a tie bar as it’s lightweight. The Ultraroof is compatible with full conservatories and lean to’s.

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