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Solid Conservatory Roof Manufacturers In Clitheroe

Get prices for your solid conservatory roof by arranging a free quote with Ultraframe Home Improvements. We install insulated conservatory roofs, with synthetic slates available. Capture light in your home with high quality double glazed panels, rated A+ with a range of tints available.

Solid Conservatory Roof Manufacturers in Clitheroe

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We make and manufacture our solid roof conservatories in our Clitheroe factory, minimising mess when on site.

Our team of builders and engineers are specialists in installing solid conservatory roofs, they are trained by Ultraframe UK to install Ultraframe roofs.


Benefits of Solid Conservatory Roof Replacements

  1. All Year Round – An insulated solid roof will allow you to use your conservatory during hot summers and cold winters
  2. Light, Bright Spaces – Choose where to put glass sky lights so you can maximise the amount of sunlight captured in your conservatory.
  3. Additional Space – You can use your solid conservatory roof extension as extra dining room or living room space.
  4. Match Your Home – Choosing the Ultraroof allows you match the synthetic slates to your existing roof colours.
  5. Versatile – Folding doors? Sliding doors? You can choose. Any style to suit your home.

Can you install a solid conservatory roof on an existing conservatory?

In some cases a solid conservatory roof can be installed on an existing conservatory. This is because of Ultraframe’s market leading lightweight roof designs. Our team can assess your existing conservatory to see whether a solid roof can be installed.

Optional features & Designs

  1. Insulated Lighting Pelmet – fit round the perimeter of the conservatory, a lighting pelmet is a modern solution to brightening up your conservatory. It also helps to reduce heat loss between the ceiling and conservatory windows.How much does a glass conservatory cost in clitheroe
  2. Cornice – A fantastic way to hide unsightly conservatory guttering and end caps is to install a cornice. They can be installed on all of our solid conservatory roofs and are available in different styles.

orangery prices for cornice installation

3. Synthetic Slates – As opposed to the classic conservatory solid roof, the Ultraroof 380 uses synthetic slates to match the colour of your

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Choose Ultraframe Home Improvements for solid conservatory roofs

Ultraframe conservatory installation in clitheroe trusted approved traders ultraframe

We’re the installations department for Ultraframe UK and are approved Which Trusted Traders, meaning that you will get the high quality roof you expect with builders and installers who are specialists in fitting solid conservatory roofs.

All of our solid conservatory roofs are covered by a 10 year guarantee in the unlikely event anything goes wrong. With Ultraframe Home Improvements you have access to a dedicated aftercare team.