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Replacement Windows & Window Frames

We only install the highest quality glass in our replacement windows. The window glass, or the sealed unit, is arguably the most important aspect of the windows in your home.

What Makes A Good Quality Window?

  • Replacement Window Glass – We only install the highest quality glass in our replacement windows. The window glass, or the sealed unit, is arguably the most important aspect of the windows in your home. Window glass is created by installing two or three panes of glass, sealed together with insulating gas between each pane. On the exterior sides of the sealed unit, a special coating is applied to the glass, which allows it to retain solar heat and keep your living space warmer and better insulated. Sealed Units are available with tinted glass and opaque options for bathroom windows.
  • Replace Your Double Glazed Windows with Triple Glazed Sealed Units – Although triple glazed windows have become more popular in recent years, installing three panes of glass is not always a quick fix when replacing older windows. Logistically, it makes sense that installing three panes of glass would lead to reduced heat loss spots and lower noise level and this is often the case. However, it’s worth remembering that high quality double glazing can achieve the strongest efficiency results in some cases. Triple glazing is a good option for homeowners who are keen to reduce energy consumption to a minimum. We would always recommend discussing triple glazing as an option when consulting with your local Ultraframe representative. This being said, we would normally advise high quality double glazed windows in most cases, unless triple glazing would make a significant difference to your home.
  • uPVC Window Frames – Despite popular opinion, PVCu window frames are much greener than you may think. As an insulating material, uPVC window frames reduce the amount of energy needed to insulate your home. The long life plastic window frame material is easily recycled when compared to timber window frames. PVCu requires very little maintenance, a quick wipe down with a mild detergent is enough to keep your new PVCu windows feeling new for years.

Aluminium Window Frames

For an even longer lasting replacement window, why not consider aluminium.

What are the benefits of installing aluminium frames in my replacement windows?

  1. Easier to maintain – Our aluminium never rots,rusts or peels and has been tested for it’s high quality and sustainability.
  2. Lightweight & Secure – Although aluminium is much lighter than PVCu replacement windows, it’s much stronger with a multi-point locking mechanism installed.
  3. Fewer Problems – Unlike other materials, aluminium window frames don’t expand in heat or contract in the cold.
  4. Slim-line – The modern feeling of aluminium window frames is achieved by it’s slim-frame and stylish colour options.

Double Glazing Window Types

No two windows are equal, Ultraframe Home Improvements believes in creating bespoke glazing solutions, tailor made for your home. From sliding to sash windows, when replacing the glass or frames in your home, it’s worth considering all options before making a decision.

  • uPVC Casement Window Designs – Casement windows are the most popular types of replacement windows in Clitheroe & Lancashire. Casement windows typically combine opening vents with fixed sealed units.
  • Double Glazed Bay Window Designs – Bay or bowed windows often create a focal point for any living room. As they are much larger than other types of windows, it’s important that the quality of double glazing is of a high standard to minimize heat loss.
  • Tilt and Turn Windows Mechanism – Hinged in two points, tilt and turn windows allow for the glass and uPVC window frame to be cleaned from the inside. Like all of our windows, the design doesn’t limit your ability to create replacement windows which suite you, with a range of colours and tins available.

How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

Finding prices for replacement uPVC windows can be a frustrating process. There are many aspects to consider before you can receive the cost for windows. From the quality of glass, to the choice of frame material and style of windows, it’s best to discuss the right solution with an experienced window specialist. We’ve installed windows across Lancashire for over 30 years, once you inquire we send an Ultraframe consultant to take approximate measurements and provide you with the right prices for your home.

How Long Does It Take To Replace Windows?

Your replacement uPVC windows don’t come off the shelf, each one is custom made for your home. We’re fortunate that our replacement windows are manufactured in the U.K. Minimizing your order time. Our initial visit allows us to take some approximate measurements and discuss replacement window pricing. Following this, a surveyor will take accurate measurements of your windows before they are ordered. Once ordered we aim to install your replacement windows within 6 weeks.

For more information visit our frequently asked questions hub, or alternatively give our team a call on 01200 414700.

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