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What can I do if my conservatory is too hot?

If you Google “conservatory too hot” you’ll find approximately 5 million results. This tells us that heat and heat retention is a problem, not only in Lancashire conservatories, but conservatories throughout the U.K. Especially with the weather we’ve been enjoying this summer, older conservatories simply cannot cope with this level of heat. Repairs and preventatives can only go so far, with full or partial renovations or replacements in roofing and glass paneling being much more viable.

Why is my existing conservatory so hot?

For most glazed conservatories, or polycarbonate roof extensions, it’s simply a matter of when they were installed. Even regular double glazed sealed units will attract unwanted heat. Whether you’ve inherited, or bought your conservatory, you may find it difficult to use the space during the summer or winter. You should have a living space which is usable all year round, instead it feels more like a greenhouse. This is where Smartglass and other heat retention technology comes into play. 

What is Smartglass?

Smartglass is the ultimate glazed roofing material, ideal for keeping light flooding in, whilst reflecting against higher temperatures. As well as being more aesthetically appealing than polycarbonate, the thermal coating of smartglass protects against glare, reducing it by up to 80%. Beyond this, it’s likely that you’ll find a significant improvement in noise pollution and a marginally higher level of UV protection. It’s available in a range of tints and colours and is by far our most popular glazed product. The heat retention technology works both ways. When winter arrives, you’ll find yourself reaching for the thermostat less often with Smartglass. The heat is kept inside of the conservatory, the use of your underfloor heating and radiators will be significantly reduced. This saves you money on energy bills and creates a space which you can use all year round. Cheaper and warmer in the winter, cooler and brighter in the summer, Smartglass is a smart investment in any conservatory, orangery or extension.

Why can’t I reduce the humid temperatures caused bymy existing roof?

You can. Although it’s much less reliable and often more expensive in the long run, there are a few options which can help you with an existing polycarbonate, or older glass conservatory roofs.

You could opt for blinds against the glass panels of the conservatory roof. The problem with blinds is pretty straightforward, not only can they be particularly fiddly and require sizes that are made to order, but they also will stop you enjoying the sunny sky views that you have paid for.
On the market there are special tapes and transparent sealants available which you can apply to your roof. However, we are unable to verify how effective they will be or whether you will be able to feel any real benefits.
Fans and heaters are effective, if somewhat expensive options, however they may appear unsightly.

If the structure is over 10 years old, following any of these solutions may be unsuitable. For the most part, a new roof will be the most practical solution.

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