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Smartglass - The Ultimate Conservatory Roof Glass

A new generation of conservatory roofs are being installed daily across Lancashire. Roofs which save money on heating and are thermally efficient, creating a conservatory you can use all year round.

Energy Saving Conservatory Roof Glass Installation

What is Smartglass?

Smartglass is a heat retentive material which is used in conservatories to replace polycarbonate roofing and older double glazing. Not only does it provide exceptional levels of heat retention, it’s also self-cleaning and offers reduced glare in your conservatory. When searching for conservatory glass types, look no further than Smartglass for the ultimate conservatory roof. Whether fitting a contemporary roof lantern, or looking for a traditional glass extension, Smartglass can be installed to improve your home improvements project.

Why Choose Smartglass?

There are a variety of reasons to choose Smartglass over traditional glass conservatory panels. One of the main reasons our customers choose Smartglass is to reduce the amount of sun glare in the conservatory. With Smartglass there’s no need to squint or wear sunglasses in your conservatory, instead you can enjoy it all year round with very little need for additional conservatory heating during the winter. Smartglass also lets you use your conservatory during the warmer summer months with little need for adjustment.

Smartglass is a self cleaning building material for conservatory roofs. This does not mean that it requires no maintenance. However, it requires significantly less effort to clean. Using the suns rays, small debris are broken down, keeping the conservatory roof cleaner for longer. Smartglass uses a thin layer coating, this technology helps to keep your conservatory roof in the best shape.

Smartglass is available in four different tints and colours. Each colour is designed to reflect your conservatory style. Please note that choice of colour will impact both the aesthetics of the replacement conservatory roof and the amount of glare it reduces in your conservatory.

Specifications by Colour

Glass Specification Blue Clear* Aqua Brown
‘U’ Value 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2
Solar Rejection (%) 60 60 72 51
Light Transmissions (%) 52 45 39 52
UV Protection (%) 83 78 92 86
Self Cleaning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Black Warm Edge Spacer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gas (Argon) Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 Year Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes

Commonly Asked Questions

Will Tinted Smartglass Make My Conservatory Too Dark?

No. Even if you choose brown tinted smartglass for your conservatory it will still let in enough sun to capture a suitable amount of light in your conservatory.

Can I Install Smartglass In A Roof Lantern/Orangery?

Yes. Smartglass conservatory roof panels are suitable for roof lanterns and skylights. They can also be installed as part of a solid conservatory roof system in the flexible glass paneling.

Is Smartglass Compatible With Aluminium Conservatory Roof Frames?

Yes. Many of our customers are feeling the benefits of installing aluminium conservatory frames over the traditional uPVC frames. Smartglass can be installed as easily as any other type of glass. Click here to learn more about aluminium conservatories.

Does Installing Smartglass Mean That My Conservatory Will Never Get Hot?

No. Although we emphasis that newer modern glass conservatories can be used all year round, there are some cases where heat levels will rise. These typically include seasons of exceptional levels of heat. Although our conservatories are much more thermally efficient than many of the older conservatories, any type of glass will eventually store heat if continuously exposed to the suns rays.

If you’re considering a new conservatory, or are interested in replacing your conservatory roof with Smartglass, call a member of our team on 01200 414700 today. You can also inquire online by clicking the button below. Once you submit your inquiry a member of our team will call you to arrange a convenient time and date to discuss your home improvements project. Choose Ultraframe Home Improvements for free quotes on Smartglass conservatory roofs as we are approved Which? Trusted Traders and operate inside Ultraframe UK, a nation-leading conservatory roof manufacturer.

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