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Replacement Front Doors in Lancashire

When it comes to replacement front doors, Ultraframe Home Improvements install Rockdoors in homes across Lancashire. From bespoke stable doors to highly secure replacement external doors, Rockdoor manufacture the ultimate replacement front doors.

Why Choose A Rockdoor For Your Front Door

Composite front doors must look stylish and modern, whilst being secure and keeping your home safe. That’s why Ultraframe Home Improvements choose to install Rockdoors for replacement front doors in Lancashire. We typically aim to have your replacement front door installed within 10 weeks from when you place your order. Although this may seem like a while, Rockdoors pride themselves on being the most secure replacement front doors on the market, therefore they are rigorously tested and inspected before they are installed in your home.

  • Secure Replacement Front Doors – The most important aspect of a replacement front door is the locking mechanism. Independent tests and research have found Rockdoors to out perform other composite replacement front doors by 35% in terms of security and locking mechanism. This is due to secure steel drill plates and having an outer door frame which is just as secure as the internal door frame. Plus Rockdoor replacement front doors are manufactured with an internal steel mesh, meaning that it’s almost impossible to cut through.
  • In-Built Front Door Double Glazed Panels – Most doors with double glazed panels have the front door glass added to the door by cutting away sections of the door after it is built. However, Rockdoor design double glazed panels and build them into the door as it is manufactured. This secure model of building double glazing as the door is manufactured allows for glass door paneling which doesn’t compromise on security. This process is secured by design and recommended is a Police preferred specification.
  • Thermally Efficient Replacement Composite Front Doors – Rockdoors are manufactured to the highest standards to out perform other composite replacement external doors in a variety of ways. This includes thermal efficiency, as Rockdoors are tailor made for your home, they fit snugly inside the door frame to minimize potential cold spots. The thick panels and interior mesh ensure that little heat is lost through the door itself. Rockdoors tend to achieve a U-Value of 1.1.-1.6.
  • Stable Composite Door Installation – Rockdoor stable replacement front doors don’t compromise on security. A common misconception regarding installing stable doors is that they are less secure than other composite doors. However, Rockdoor stable doors are built to the same performance specifications as other replacement front doors. Unlike other stable doors are not affected by moisture and are made to keep the weather outside of the property.

Customising Your Replacement Front Door

Replacement front doors by Rockdoor can be customized to your specifications. There are over 25 individual designs which can be configured with a large range of double glazed door panels. Rockdoors are available in 13 colours and have customization for door furniture, such as doorknockers and letterboxes available for various front door designs. From dulled steel to vibrant brass colouring, the front door furniture can be manufactured to match any front door design ideas. Why not try Rockdoors replacement front door design tool?

Choosing Ultraframe Home Improvements For Your Replacement Front Door

Ultraframe Home Improvements is the installations division of Ultraframe UK. As the leading installer of composite doors in Lancashire, we install replacement front doors across Lancashire, Greater Manchester & North Yorkshire. All of our composite replacement front doors come with a 10 year guarantee as standard and in the unlikely event something does go wrong, you have access to a dedicated aftercare team. Get in touch with us on 01200 414700 or arrange a free no obligation quote online. 

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