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Orangery Kitchen Extensions UK

Kitchen and dining spaces are popular for kitchen extensions in Lancashire homes. Installing a glass roof was once unheard of for a kitchen extension. Now, modern orangery designs allow for full kitchen extensions with roof lanterns.

Can An Orangery Be Used As A Kitchen Extension?

Orangeries are mostly glazed structures with 75% more glass than a traditional conservatory. This means that orangery extensions use glass roof lanterns with slim-line frames. Kitchen extensions often generate high levels of condensation. For years glass roofing systems we’re mostly incompatible with kitchen extensions. Modern orangery designs use market leading double glazing for reduced condensation. This type of glass orangery is perfect for installing a full kitchen extension in your home. Most of our orangery designs are used as partial kitchen or dining area extensions. Therefore an Ultraframe orangery is perfect for your orangery kitchen extension.

Will There Be Too Much Condensation In An Orangery Kitchen Extension?

Condensation is a common problem for conservatory kitchen extensions. Any product which promises to completely get rid of condensation is somewhat inaccurate. Any glass roof will be a condensation risk. However, the difference with an Ultraframe orangery roof is the amount of condensation. We install Smartglass as standard in are orangery roofs. Smartglass is a thermally efficient roofing material. It has a special coating which helps reflect heat away from the roofing system. A Smartglass roof should be the only type of glass used for a kitchen extension. This is because of the technology used to combat stagnant heat.

Orangery Kitchen Extension Costs

If you’re thinking of installing an orangery kitchen extension, you’ll probably be wondering how much it will cost. There’s no off the shelf cost for an orangery kitchen extension. It’s crucial to get accurate prices on building materials and customisation options. You can find orangery cost calculators online. They often work with costs per meter. This is a problem as they don’t really account for various installation costs. We often find that orangery cost calculators are inaccurate. For orangery kitchen extensions, there may be different types of materials needed to achieve the right results for your home.

Orangery Extension Roofing

Customers choose Ultraframe conservatories for our bespoke roofing. We’re a nation-leading manufacturer of orangery roofing systems. Supplying hundreds of orangery installers across the U.K, Ultraframe are the go to for orangery kitchen extensions. If you’re in the Lancashire area, Ultraframe Home Improvements will install your orangery.

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