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Fully Glazed Conservatories And Extensions

Despite growing interest in our solid roofs, the classic fully glazed replacement roof is still one of our most popular conservatory installations.

Despite growing interest in our solid roofs, the classic fully glazed replacement roof is still one of our most popular conservatory installations. Whether you’re thinking of building a new conservatory, or renovating an existing build, the Ultraframe Classicroof™ is always worth considering.

The glass we use in our fully glazed conservatories and extensions is both thermally efficient and offers market leading technology in roofing solutions. We also use Smartglass, which blocks out the sun’s rays to reduce glare. Using Smartglass in your conservatory roof creates a warm, bright, open space which you can use all year round.

Choosing the right conservatory for your home

Although constructed from glass, glazed Ultraframe conservatories can feel more like an additional room on a downstairs level. Masonry panels and lighting pelmets can give a conservatory a more solid feeling, without the addition of a solid roof. Installing an Ultrasky lantern™ on to a flat roof provides light without installing a full glass roof.

Our conservatories are bespoke and made to order. Each aspect is carefully designed, manufactured and rigorously tested. Our team of designers, surveyors and installers work with you, to ensure your unique style and individuality is captured within your conservatory.

Choosing UPVc for you conservatory frame

Although the glazed panels are the focal part of any traditional conservatory, the framework is still an important aspect to get right. For the most part, PVCu offers a versatile and stylish option for any extension. Available in a range of wood grain effects and colours, PVCu no longer has to be plain white. However, many home owners still choose this option to give the conservatory a clean, classic feeling.

The Quantal System

Quantal aluminium conservatories are becoming increasingly popular across Lancashire. The Quantal system uses aluminium, much stronger than traditional PVCu and timber structures, so the frames can be much narrower, allowing for larger panes of glass. It’s approved by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) and is designed using our unique U-Design software, so we can factor in weather conditions when building. Much of the Quantal system is pre-fabricated in our Clitheroe based factory, meaning disruption and mess on site is kept to a minimum.

Limitless colour options The paint we use can be mixed to any shade and style. The acrylic formula used lasts much longer than other types of paint.
Thermal efficiency & reduced condensation Using chambered comi eaves, box gutters and foam insulation helps the overall temperature of the space, making it feel much closer to a full extension.
Variety Quantal roof can be used to build lean-to’s as well as full conservatory roofs.
Cornice Adding a decorative cornice helps to hide the guttering behind a stylish, modern design.

Cresting & Finials

The cresting sits on top of PVCu conservatory frames, it can be customised in various styles to suit your style.

Baroque Cresting Ultraframe Baroque Conservatory Ridge Cresting Classic Cresting Ultraframe Classic Conservatory Ridge Cresting
Elizabethan Cresting Ultraframe Elizabethan Conservatory Ridge Cresting Renaissance Cresting Ultraframe Renaissance Conservatory Ridge Cresting
Tudor Cresting Ultraframe Tudor Conservatory Ridge Cresting


Finials are the ‘tip’ of the conservatory roof, and like the cresting, you can choose from a range of different styles to suit your garden. Ranging in height, they can be a classic ‘spiked’ shape or a more modern ball.

As you can see, our fully glazed conservatories and replacement roofs are market leading structures, technologically adapted to give you the highest performing extensions available. From glass types to framework, you can choose and customize many aspects of the conservatory to showcase your style and individuality. Although it can appear daunting, our team are available to walk you through your project. Click here to arrange a free, no obligation quote. 

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