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Solid Roof FAQs

Won’t A Solid Roof Make My Room Too Dark?

Our solid roofs are some of the most versatile and customisable roofs available. They come with a multitude of options when considering lighting your living space. Therefore, we can capture the most amount of light possible in the space required. When combined with double-glazed uPVC windows and patio doors, you create a space which is light and bright all year round.

What Building And Insulation Materials Are Solid Conservatory Roofs Made From?

To construct the solid element of the LivinroofTM , we use a combination of insulated composite panels and durable Kingspan insulation slabs, in both 90mm and 24mm thickness. Foil backed plasterboard adds to the insulation, and together, these products ensure thermal efficiency. The Ultraroof 380TM  also uses synthetic UltratilesTM  which are the most cost effective and best performing on the market. It’s available in a selection of colours, ensuring they compliment your homes exterior roof. Overview of UltraTile

What Is A Livinrooftm  And How Do They Work?

The LivinroofTM is the ultimate combination of double glazed roof panels with Kingspan insulation. Externally, we use synthetic slates to colour match to the roof of your home. Internally the LivinroofTM contains a plastered finish creating a vibrant, modern living space. We can also install an internal lighting pelmet which is perfect for spotlights. Click here to learn more.

Are Solid Replacement Roofs Covered Under The Same Guarantee As Glass Based Products Installed By Ultraframe Home Improvements?

All products installed by Ultraframe Home Improvements are covered by the same ten year guarantee. For full details of your Ultraframe coverage, click here.

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