PVCu Double Glazed Windows & Frames | Frequently Asked Questions
PVCu Windows FAQ's

Will My White Pvcu Windows Discolour After A While?

Some of the older uPVC windows discolour over time, this can be seen by a yellow/pinkish colour on its once white surface. Our uPVC windows don’t discolour after being exposed to the elements. This is because the PVCu we use is titanium based, as opposed to the lead based products traditionally used. A part of this procedure is the inclusion of ultraviolet inhibitors which aid in preventing PVCu discolouration.

Do I Need Triple Glazed Upvs Windows?

On most modern double glazed windows, the difference between triple and double glazing is negligible. It’s something to discuss with our installation team, however the weight of the window itself may become a problem.

There’s Condensation Between The Panes Of Glass In My Double Or Triple Glazed Windows, What Can I Do?

Condensation between panes of glass is likely to be a broken seal. In these cases the sealed unit (glass panel) will need to be completely replaced. If you experience this issue, please give our team a call on 01200 414700.

Do You Sell Fire Escape Windows For Bedrooms And Upper Floor Windows?

Our fire escape windows must adhere to strict regulations for your safety. Typically installed in bedrooms, the fire escape window opens fully on its hinges to the left of the frame, as opposed to the centre. In this way, should you ever need it, you can feel secure that you will have one of the most effective fire escape windows on the market.

Can You Install Blinds In Between The Panes Of Glass In My Double Or Triple Glazed Windows.

Internal blinds can be installed inside of windows. It’s something we’re being asked about more frequently, however it is an expensive alternative. They are particularly useful around spaces such as kitchens where blinds can be particularly susceptible to surface damage.

Can You Make The Upvc A Different Colour On The Outside?

With a large selection of RAL colours and woodgrain effects available, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect colour for your home. As well as this, we are also able to make the outside a different colour from the inside.

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