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Patio Doors FAQs

I Would Like To Replace My Existing Pvcu Patio Doors, What Options Are Available?

We sell uPVC doors in a range of styles and colours. Click here to browse patio doors by type, for information on colour you can request a brochure here.

How Many Panels Of Glass Can I Have In My Patio Doors?

In most of our doors, we typically install between 2-7 panels of glass. This is adaptable to the space we’re installing the door and our team of fitters and surveyors will be able to work with you to achieve the best results.

What’s The Difference Between Bi-Flolding And Inline Sliding Patio Doors?

It’s purely a cosmetic difference. The bi-folding doors have panels of glass which fold against one another to create a more ‘open’ feel to the conservatory or orangery, integrating the space with the garden. In line sliding doors maximise space by having the panes of glass slide together,bringing more light into your home without compromising on floor space.

How Secure Are The Conservatory Doors Installed By Ultraframe Home Improvements?

All of our doors are rigorously tested for their security. This means that choosing different styles of patio doors won’t affect how secure they are.

I Like The White PVCu, Are There Any Other Options Available?

PVCu doesn’t have to be white. We have a large selection of colours to choose from. We’re even able to colour one side differently to the other. Request a brochure here.


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