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Do I Need A Glass Roof; Can’t I Just Buy A Replacement Polycarbonate Roof.

Whilst we still stock and sell polycarbonate roofs, we must advocate replacing existing plastic roofs with modern glass. A fantastic material in its day, we have simply evolved beyond polycarbonate technologically. The materials used in our solid and glazed roofs are much more thermally efficiant, as well as being nicer to look at. For more information refer to our blog post; ‘why should I replace my polycarbonate roof’.

What Is Smartglass, How Does It Work?

Smartglass is the highest performing glass on the market. It’s thermally efficient and comes in a range of colours. The use of Smartglass adds value to any conservatory, orangery or extension. Smartglass works to retain heat in the colder months and reflect heat when its overly warm outside. By doing so, the overall cost of heating bills are reduced.

Can You Buy Tinted Smartglass For Conservatories, Orangeries Or Glass Paneling?

Our Smartglass comes in a range of colours, so you can pick a style which best reflects your living space. However, it’s important to note that changing the colour of the glass will have an effect on the amount of light and the thermal efficiency of the glass itself.

Do I Need To Ventilate My Conservatory More Regularly With A Glass Roof?

Ventilation is important in any conservatory or temporary living space. Whilst you don’t need to ventilate more often with a glass roof, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to ventilate at all. It’s always a good idea to remove excess water vapour from the conservatories ambient atmosphere. To read our guide on condensation click here. 


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