House Extension Inspiration


Conservatory Case Studies

A conservatory is an excellent way to add lots of natural daylight to your home. This was the most significant difference Jen Homer noticed when she downsized her property around four years ago. Her conservatory used to be an excellent place for her to work as a seamstress.

Now, Jen decided that she needed the extra space and light in her new property. Her new place has a relatively small garden, yet she was adamant that she didn’t want her conservatory to be overbearing of her outside space.

Conservatories offer excellent levels of thermal efficiency for your home. Your conservatory will stay warm, even in the coldest winter months, and will remain cool in the summer. Meaning you can use your conservatory throughout the year, no matter what the weather.

Jen Explains:

“I really enjoy needlecraft and sewing, which ideally requires lots of natural daylight. My previous conservatory was perfect, but in truth, it was quite difficult to heat and cool at certain times of the day. I guess that’s why it took me nearly four years to decide to have another conservatory-type extension.”

You can choose between two options of house extension style conservatories, the ‘Ultraroof Extension’ and the ‘Livinroof Extension’. With these styles, they can be tailored to your property, so whether your home is modern or traditional, they are the perfect choice for you.

“When I stepped inside, I was surprised by how warm it felt and assumed that it was heated. When I asked what form of heating was being used, I couldn’t quite believe it when they told me there was no heating on.”


All of our house extensions are versatile in design. This means you can tailor your new house extension perfectly to match the design and needs of your home. Choose from a range of sizes, designs and shape to make sure your conservatory is a perfect fit. An Ultraframe specialist will work closely with you ensure you get an extension that matches your specifications.

An Ultraframe conservatory features an internal pelmet which helps to create a more ‘room-like’ feel to your home. You can customise your internal pelmet to include built-in speakers and LED lights.

House Extension Inspiration

If you have gained some home improvement inspiration from this project, then you can use our free online design tool to design your perfect house extension and get a quick and instant quote in return. Our house extensions, from Ultraframe, are some of the most technologically advanced systems on the current market. Giving you the peace of mind you are getting a high quality, yet stunning addition to your home.