Bespoke Conservatory Installation

Bespoke Conservatory Case Study

The Gallagher family had been considering installing a bespoke conservatory for a number of years. What made this project so unique, is how this project will transform both the entrance to their home, as well as their run through into the garden. After much research, they chose Ultraframe Home Improvements for their conservatory project.

Being an interior designer, Annette Gallagher was aware that this build was going to be a unique project for the team. But having chosen Ultraframe Home Improvements, they knew they were in safe, reputable hands with their established local company. We also provide a ten-year guarantee on the work, giving you the peace of mind you are getting a durable addition to your home!

We are also Accredited Ultra Installers too, which means our work has been assessed by market-leading conservatory manufacturers to ensure we install to a high standard and quality!

The Ultraframe ‘Livinroof’ offered the perfect solution, a solid roof with the style of an extension but offering lots of glass elements to add light into their home too. It added just the right level of contemporary charm whilst being sympathetic to the original 1900’s era of the house. In addition, one of the key considerations was the decision to remove a large bay window and replace it with three side windows. The bespoke conservatory with a porch we see here is the Anthracite Grey colour option.

Once the surveyor had been out to measure and review the designs with her, she felt confident that we understood the requirements and could complete the work to the high standards and quality we pride ourselves on.

We co-ordinated the teams involved in the work from the survey to the builders and trades teams, to pull the whole job together seamlessly ensuring peace of mind. We also sourced stone for the property to ensure it complemented the property and finished off the overall look perfectly. Our team are flexible with their working and kept the Gallaghers up to date throughout the project.

The Gallaghers were so pleased with the finished project they chose us to replace and install additional windows around the house, creating a stunning seamless look between her bespoke conservatory and property.

‘Each person I came into contact with was professional and really helpful. In fact, management even stepped up and arrived on-site themselves on one occasion’.

‘They delivered a quality product, with great project management providing peace of mind not to mention great value for money.’

‘I would highly recommend them – they brought my dream of 20 years to life!’

The Gallaghers have now created a stunning entrance to their home, and a beautiful thoroughfare into the garden. This bespoke conservatory design is not a conventional option, but they have utilised the space they had, and now they are left with a perfect addition to their home.